The rapidly changing digital marketplace is placing new demands on systems and processes. Amerytech media and entertainment IT teams are taking a top-to-bottom look at the infrastructure that supports both new and old business models. Todays world, many media and entertainment companies are finding that their organizations, processes and tools are not up to the task of supporting the new digital business models.

We help our clients:

  • Develop processes and organizational infrastructure with the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation
  • Reevaluate and improve systems, processes and policies across both traditional and digital platforms
  • Build IP management systems that encompass the entire life cycle associated with managing contracts, rights use and royalties
  • Deploy a rights management system that tracks which content can be used when, where and in what formats
  • Automate rights systems to increase speed to market and decrease risk of contract violations
  • Focus on digital supply management to ensure that media assets can be easily found and distributed across media platforms
  • Increase data capture to support new business models and drive decision-making

Amerytech is your one-stop Media & Entertainment IT partner

The route to success in media and entertainment environments lies in becoming a Collaborative Digital Enterprise that embraces every aspect of the consumer relationship, optimizes the supply and value chain of contemporary media processes, and adapts to a cloud-based model across IT services — from application to infrastructure. We have the experience and expertise to take you there – to be your one-stop digital partner for both traditional and digital IT needs.

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