AMERYTECH TECHNOLOGY Insurance team partnered with leading insurers across the globe to deliver Insurance solutions demanding deep domain expertise and technological competence.

Our team of insurance business consultants, backed by a 1000+ strong dedicated team of technology professionals, works closely with global Insurance carriers, providing them with solutions across geographies while leveraging a dual-shore sourcing model. We enable our clients to align their IT infrastructure with their business requirements, using solutions in the following core business segments:

  • New Business Acquisition and Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Policy Administration
  • Re-Issuance
  • Claims/Pay-out Management
  • XactConnect

Besides providing application re-engineering, development, maintenance and testing services, NIIT Technologies offers specialized services for:
  • Migration of legacy applications
  • Web-enablement of legacy applications
  • Dealing with Consolidation complications
  • Meeting Compliance requirements (SOX/Insurance regulations like 403(B) regulation changes)
  • Providing end-to-end support to Policy admin systems
  • IT alignment during mergers
  • Data depersonalization

Amerytech Solutions for Insurance

Insurance carriers across all segments have chosen Amerytech to implement a wide range of business processes. Amerytech solutions have enabled them to:
  • Reduce policy processing and payment times
  • Improve paid claims to time standard
  • Retain policy holders and increase renewal rates
  • Improve agent-carrier relationships
  • Support revenue growth without additional staff
  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper and manual processes


Insurance carriers operate in a hugely competitive and demanding marketplace, especially in the current global economic environment. Attracting new policy holders and retaining existing ones is essential to survival and growth, all while competing with newer, more agile players. Managing agent relationships has become more important than ever. All this must be achieved while controlling costs and delivering superior policy holder and agent service, which is especially challenging for organizations saddled with expensive, complex and disconnected legacy systems.


Amerytech helps insurance carriers transform human- and document-centric business processes for policyholders, agents and employees through its next generation transactional content and Web experience management platforms. Only Amerytech offers true Web 2.0 multi-channel interaction capabilities to deliver the customer experience that matters. Amerytech solutions for insurance carriers include:

New Business Underwriting

Cycle time is a key differentiator for insurance carriers during the new business underwriting process. Using Amerytech insurance carriers can streamline tasks by means of automation and significantly shorten the cycle time. The Amerytech TCM platform can significantly improve and simplify every day challenges such as quote production, risk assessment, workload management and policy issuance.

Claims Management

Amerytech enables insurance carriers to improve the efficiency of their claim management process. The streamlined claims management process eliminates paper-based forms and helps in redistributing work to match the demands for skills. This effort lowers costs and increases overall throughput significantly.

Policy Holder and Agent Online Services

Amerytech enables insurance carriers to host online services for effective communication between policy holders and agents. Our solution enables a self-service platform where policy holders can seek advice from agents, update their information, watch informative videos, learn about products and services and resolve their day to day policy queries. The result is reduced cost though online interactions and a closer relationship with customers. Amerytech’s ™ solution enable insurance carriers to build communities of policy holders, agents, and brokers which enable participation and encourage online interaction with blogs, wikis, forums, comments, ratings, and tags.

Online Marketing

Using AMERYTECH, insurance carriers can create a compelling next generation online experience, improve marketing effectiveness and online conversion rates, manage digital Web content and deliver consistent brand message across all channels. Amerytech solutions automatically optimize the content for users recommending the most useful resources available online based on what has worked for similar online visitors.

Risk, Fraud and Compliance Management

Insurance carriers are looking for enterprise-level content management systems to effectively identify organized fraud activity, reduce compliance risk and improve reporting. Only Amerytech extends risk, fraud and compliance management to all content types, including Web transactions.

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